As a claims professional in Nebraska, becoming a member of the Nebraska Claims Association of Omaha just makes good sense.  Our organization is a comprehensive network of professionals  dedicated to the insurance industry and the adjustment, handling or servicing of claims.  If you are not yet a member or have let your membership lapse from years past, please follow the link and fill out a new membership form.  Fill out the form and submit it, you will then be routed to the online store to pay for your dues. Your application will then be sent to the Executive Committee for review and approval.

Please note that memberships are individual memberships and once the dues are paid, the membership stays with that individual. If you change employment, your membership will follow you to your new employer.  Dues must be paid for each individual of a company that wants to become a member.  All email notifications and updates are provided via email to dues paying members only. Memberships are for the calendar year and MUST be renewed on an annual basis.  If you are simply looking to renew your membership, you can do that online here.